We are DriversNg Drivers


We are Drivers and We are Valuable
It’s a big pity many employers and users who makes use of our services most of the time look down on us. But, let’s not quickly judge them, as some of our colleagues who referred themselves as drivers have allowed un-professionalism and unethical values to mislead them into committing various atrocities, crimes and these had led to a lot of employers and users looking down on us a lot.

They treat us, almost without value, well that was before DriversNG came into the picture. Currently, DriversNG has restored value back to our beautiful profession where we now drive for passion, value and service. But, this time around driversNG wants to intensify its mission statement of “home of smart
professionally verified and trained drivers” by ensuring all drivers in Africa, starting with Nigeria acts smartly by harnessing technological values in driving, express professionalism in work culture and
demonstrates leadership values when serving, so DriversNg has set out to create a convenient process for all drivers to experience high-level training, smooth verification process and still enjoy enormous benefits like Health Management Plan, Financial Rewards for completing tasks aside remuneration, statutory rights, executive uniforms, certificates and getting posted to well paid jobs around your residence.
DriversNg has made all these possible by the POWER OF A CARD. This card is every driver’s identity, renewable yearly, enthrone drivers with all our benefits and to all kinds of jobs on our platform, whether
full time jobs, short/temporary jobs and ridesharing jobs. ALL drivers on driversNG are well verified, responsible, and properly trained, ready to take instructions, to learn and act professionally. Get the card at https://drive.driversng.com