The African Tech Company That Provides Drivers In 24 Hours


 Drivers are attached to almost everyone’s daily activities when relating to movement of persons or goods from one place to another. To this end, one can quickly conclude that there are so many drivers today, but unfortunately, a lot of them are not professional, trained, vetted, trustworthy and reliable enough to satisfy their employers. Also, a lot of employers would rather bypass the hassles associated with grueling recruitment process altogether. Inspired by these growing concerns, DRIVERSNG came into existence to make the job of selecting and hiring professional drivers easier for people in Nigeria.

A transport-tech company, with a focus on training, verifying and outsourcing the best drivers to individuals and organizations, we engage in recruiting, vetting and training drivers to meet variety of needs that clients may have, such as; corporate drivers, personal drivers, sales van drivers, truck drivers, drivers for Uber, etc. As an innovative technology based company, we envision on using our platform to put employers through on how to utilize the services of professionally trained and verified drivers in achieving their objectives. Packages offered starts from N7, 000.00 (Seven thousand naira) to N50, 000.00 (Fifty thousand naira), you can get a driver for a day, a week, a weekend, a month or on a full time basis, if you so desire. After driver is requested for, driver that matches customer’s request is provided within 24 HOURS.

Drivers from our platform are professionally trained, vetted and highly competent with excellent communication and inter-personal skills.

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They usually undergo periodic medical tests (which comes up every six (6) months) to ascertain their physical and mental health to ensure they are fit for the job.