Surviving Traffic in Lagos


The one word an average Lagosian is used to and doesn’t require much explanation is: Traffic.

Amidst all the sites and cool-chilling spots in Lagos, traffic is always something to contend with as a Lagosian. This is because of the increasing number of people that live in the city. According to the National Population Commission of Nigeria, Lagos has around a population of around 21 million people in 2016. Since everyone will be trying to move at the same time, traffic becomes almost inevitable. So, this is why we have come up with a few tricks and tips to help you cope whenever you find yourself in another seemingly unending traffic.

Pray and Reflect

Rushing out of the house particularly when one is late or has to be early for a meeting, or have to meet with customers, is one of our common habits in the mornings. A lot of people myself inclusive rush out of the house and do not have time to communicate with their creator or to mentally prepare for the day. Do you know that the time spent in traffic can be used to pray, meditate, and clear your head thereby preparing for the day ahead? This can be a practice for evenings too where you think of how your day went; things you did wrong, lessons learnt, etc.

Know The Rush Hours

Knowing when the roads get busy or congested helps you to navigate easily. It helps you to know when to access a particular route and when not to.  To do this effectively, you would have to familiarize yourself with different routes to get to various locations.

Wake Up Early

If you are a working class person, then this is something you probably already know about. To get to your place of work early or in a reasonable time especially if you live far from work, then you must wake up early to leave early. As irritating as this might be, there really is no other option, no shortcuts.

Have One or Two Movies On Your Phone

Yeah, this is also one way to pass time when being stuck in traffic. Get that movie that interests you or that you’ve been aching to see on your mobile device. But be careful though, some people end up leaving a public vehicle with what they didn’t bring in; such as wallets and phones. So, watch that movie with one eye while you guide it with the other eye. Don’t get carried away.

You Might Need To Snack On Something For A While

I know some people might not quite agree with this cause of etiquette which is reasonable as not everybody will be comfortable chewing away in a public place. However, this is one tip that actually helps. Imagine being stuck in a fierce traffic on a empty stomach, the chances of not loosing your mind is just very slim. So, this is why it is advisable to always have something to snack on and it doesn’t necessarily have to be a full course meal. It is no surprise hawkers can be easily spotted in any traffic.

Have A Great Playlist

Having a great playlist on your mobile device or in your car would go a long way to keep you calm and relaxed. Have the kind of songs that you find soothing and repairs your mood anytime of the day.

Keep A Positive Mindset

No matter how long a journey seems to take, it definitely won’t last forever. It is easy to get angered in traffic. You’ll sometimes find yourself getting pissed at the slightest things. You’ll find some people ready to jump at another’s throat over minor things that could have been settled with one person simply apologizing to the other. The car or vehicle will not suddenly develop wings and fly, it has to be driven so learn to be calm when in traffic.


We hope you would try out these tips when next you’re driving? Or have you ever tried anyone? which one works best for you as a driver or a commuter?

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