Looking for Drivers? We have a market hub for them.


Having organization drivers shouldn’t be a luxury any company or organization should compromise on. A well-organized and professional driver will save your company stress and time. It comes handy for all facet of your work.

No more stories of you or your staffs arriving late for a meeting because you are tired or couldn’t maneuver your way fastest to the venue. Hiring an organized and professional driver will solve all these and many more.

At DriversNg one of our numerous services includes a marketplace for drivers where subscribed users get through the list of our professional drivers and get to hire for their enterprise and cooperate use only.

Enterprise Drivers Market is designed for card users who are Business owners, private individuals and HRs interested in hiring the services of experienced, vetted and verified professional drivers for their organization needs. On this platform, the users and drivers possess the power to negotiate and come to an agreement, which is a fantastic thing as both parties is satisfied with the terms and condition before final work agreement.

This platform gives the user the managerial responsibilities of the driver to handle. Managerial responsibilities such as salary payment, contract agreement, driver’s welfare, and replacement responsibilities will solely be that of the registered user.

Registered users on this platform can build their own database of professional drivers, they can post job shifts or task for a response from drivers in the marketplace at no cost.

Subscription for this service is extremely affordable, per booking the subscription is NGN 2000 and users get to choose whichever subscription suit them, it could be hourly, daily, monthly or yearly plans and continual subscription is also available. And users are entitled to use rollovers if subscription plans are not exhausted.

We offer nothing short of drivers who are professionals and equipped with the right training for safety at DriversNg. Visit our website http://market.driversng.com/  to learn more about Enterprise Drivers Market and let’s get started on how to start.