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Uber is a ride-hailing service (transportation network company) known as TNC headquartered in San FranciscoCalifornia. Uber is also a ride-hailing smartphone app that connects riders with drivers. They provides peer-to-peer ridesharingtaxi cab hailing, food deliverybicycle-sharing and her services to people within the region.

What is Uber?

To passengers, Uber is a convenient, inexpensive and safe taxi service which is a way of getting reliable rides with a private driver to pick you up & take you to your destination with the tap of a button on any smartphone device. A nearby driver often arrives to pick you up within minutes. Not only is this an on-demand car service, but you can even watch as your driver is en-route to come pick you up.

To drivers, Uber provides an opportunity to make extra income that offers exceptional pay and Uber allow you to be your boss. Take on fares whenever you wish (work as much or as little as you desire) while meeting new people in your city from all walks of life.

How Uber started

Uber journey started in 2009, when Garrett Camp and Travis Kalanick founded ‘UberCab’, the first iteration of today’s popular app. Interest was seen early on, with the company receiving $200,000 seed funding in 2009, adding an additional $1.25m funding in 2010.

Following a beta release in 2010, Uber officially launched in 2011 in San Francisco. By the end of this year, an astonishing $44.5m had been raised in funding and the company had made the move to today’s Uber moniker.

From that initial launch in San Francisco, Uber started its global take-over, expanding to a new US city every month from May 2011. Its first international launch was Paris in 2011, quickly followed by Toronto, London, Sydney, and Johannesburg.

Today, Uber is available in over 77 countries, over 675+ cities worldwide and Currently valued at roughly $70 billion. The driving force behind this expansion and adoption was, of course, the technology and the business model.

The Uber app has reached the world, transforming transportation and giving a different business model to the world. Uber relies on app software and smartphones.

How does Uber work?

Uber is a technology platform, making use of smartphone apps to connect driver-partners and riders.

Before you can enjoy using Uber’s services to request for your own private driver, you have to download and install the app on your smartphone. The Uber rider app is available from the following places:

You install the Uber app on your smartphone, set a pick-up point and destination from a map and then tap to get an Uber driver for a ride. Due to the GPS and map capabilities of the app, you are given a fare estimate, estimated time of arrival and shown the route the driver will take. When a nearby driver-partner accepts your request, your smartphone app displays the info about the driver-partner, including driver’s name, vehicle type and license plate number and car are visible when they are on their way. Due to the GPS and map capabilities of the app, you are given a fare estimate, estimated time of arrival for the driver-partner heading to your pickup location and shown the route the driver will take. This info helps the two of you connect at your pickup location. In short, everything is transparent.

In case your plan changes; you can use your app to enter your preferred destination any time before or during the ride. If you have a preferred route, it’s helpful to talk through the directions together.

When you arrive at your destination and exit the vehicle, there is no need to hand over any cash to the driver. Your fares are automatically calculated and are taken from debit credit cards you’ve linked to your Uber account. While In some cities, Uber allows you to pay your fare in cash. This option must be selected before you request a ride.

There are also other additional features such as splitting fares with friends, connecting your smartphone music playlist to some car stereos and sharing your route with family and friends.

Is Uber Safe?

There’s a lot that Uber does to ensure the safety of riders and driver partners. Many people want to know just how safe Uber truly is, and rightfully so – Your safety is infinitely important. The truth is for a “taxi” service, Uber is extremely safe. After a driver signs up to the platform, Uber conducts a rigorous vetting process, which includes background checks, training, and vehicle inspections. This is to ensure that the rules set by Uber are complying by the driver and the vehicle. And the driver-partner needs to have insurance and a Nigerian’s driving license.

Here are the few ways Uber keep passangers safe:

  • Driver rating system

Immediately after a trip ends, the passengers app will get to rate their driver from 1 to 5 Stars overall experience after each ride. Likewise driver-partners get to rate the passenger after each ride. User safety has always been important at Uber service; but it’s never been a bigger priority than it is today. So other drivers can get a heads up if a rider is troublesome or belligerent.

  • Driver profile

Partner-driver has a profile with info about them and their vehicle. Information includes name, license plate number, phone number, and rating, so you can ensure the correct vehicle is picking you up before you up. This information also helps if you left something behind in the vehicle and need to contact the driver again.

 Share your trip

You can share your trip, route and driving time with friends and families so they know where you are and when to expect you. You also will be able to follow your trip in real-time.

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We hope this article has helped you understand the ins and outs of Uber. The best way to learn what Uber is about is to take a ride with the service, contact Uber today. Learn more about how Uber works by exploring other articles.

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