The Driving Job (Series Story) – Part 2


This is the part 2 of our driving stories series. Incase you missed part 1, read it here

what made Raymond laugh was the degree requirements that he saw on the job advert, HND and B.A or… It was so funny to Raymond, these people must be fraudsters, how did they expect that a graduate will even apply for a driving job.

He decided to call Jake.. Jake was Raymond old time friend, they had just attended the same secondary school and we’re also opportuned to attend the same university.. While Raymond studied Engineering, Jake studied Public Relations. Due to lack of job, Jake was just managing a teaching Job at a secondary school in his area, where he taught Government and Social studies..He was also looking for a better job as the twenty thousand, he was paid every month was too little compared to the many responsibilities he had to handle.

That day, Jake had just finished teaching the SS.1 students when Raymond’s call came in ‘ hello, Jake, how are you, do you have megabyte on your phone? Okay, there is something you need to check out, it is really hilarious.

OK’ Jake did not check out the website immediately,because he had a lot of classes to teach that day. So when he got home, after having a short nap, he decided to check out the website. Even though, his first reaction was that of surprise because of the ‘ridiculous’ educational qualification he saw there, but Jake was not as selective as Raymond, All Jake needed at the moment was a better job that would fetch him enough to take care of his responsibilities. He had two younger siblings who seemed to always calculate the time he would collect his next salary and made it a point of duty to call him to demand for money for thing or the other..Jake felt ‘there’s no harm in trying’ besides, he had learnt how to drive when he was living in Port Harcourt with his uncle, He even used to drive his uncle around when his uncle’s driver resigned.

Jake got ready, brought out his credential and headed to the nearest cyber Cafe to upload his documents on the job website. When he was through, on his way back home, he called Raymond ‘ Hello, Ray. I have checked the website, in fact I have even submitted my c.v’ . ‘ u did what? Oh boy, you are funny oh, I sent you the link so that you can see the way these fraudsters now defraud people in the guise of giving them a job and you went and applied..Anyway, are we still hanging out this evening? OK, bye’ PART 3 LOADING