Recruiting and hiring vetted professional drivers can be full of stress in our society today, DRIVERS (NG) story. At some point in time, one of our co-founders shared a personal experience with the rest of the team, about how his parents faced difficulty in finding a reliable driver. Most times his parents had to wait for up to 3 months or more to get a driver, and when they eventually found one, unprofessional attitudes were always characterized by such. Eventually, when he was sharing this challenge with the other co-founders, they decided to conduct research to find out if this was a common challenge among others in society. After a six-month period of research and study our co-founders found out that; there were not only homes (private vehicle owners) facing this challenge, even enterprises faced more difficulties, as they wasted more money, time, and resources in the recruitment process of finding professional reliable vetted drivers.

From our founder’s discoveries; lack of professional attitude from drivers, lack of reliable drivers, lack of trust, and lack of easily and quickly hiring drivers were eminent challenges discovered to be faced by employers (private vehicle owners and enterprises) within the driver’s recruitment space. However, our founders were strategic with the idealization of a solution that would be addressing all these challenges. They thoroughly brainstormed in a way that could help employers address these challenges, hence led to the creation and formation of DRIVERS. DRIVERS (Ng) is a digital recruitment solution for employers (private vehicle owners and enterprises) to easily and quickly hire already verified vetted reliable trained professional drivers on-demand and in real-time. At first, we were discouraged by how complex this challenge had become since its existence over the years.

However, our co-founders were not deterred by the complexity of this challenge. They comprehensively dismantled the complexity of these challenges bit by bit in their continual research, brainstorming, and strategy development. This has remained the culture ever since inception. Unsurprisingly this solution started working from the homes of our co-founders and immediately, the news of our solution spread like wildfire and still spreading. Most employers quickly visited our website (http://www.driversng.com%29/, while others called our customer care center (07062483241, 08163555265) and the ones conversant with emails, mailed us at business@driversng.com, sales@driversng.com, and admin@driversng.com. Although, we have not had it easy with operations we have continued to work extremely hard on ourselves, operations, processes, and the services we provide.

DRIVERS(Ng) has on-boarded over 9,000 vetted registered drivers within a space of 2 years, served over 3,000 employers, in partnership with Uber, currently helping over 50 companies with their driver’s recruitment challenges. It’s also good to note that we are not only serving employers with the best of professional drivers within their locality, but we also provide over 200 job placements for drivers monthly thereby empowering them. Aside from job placement opportunities created monthly, we go the extra mile to expose drivers to a large knowledge capital base thereby enhancing their professional values and further pay good remuneration, provide loan facility and gift good performances. We do this because we envisage this would change the driver’s behavior and the perception the Nigerian society has about the driving profession.