With Just NGN 2,250 You can Post A Job to Over 9,000 Professional Drivers


Amazing times are here for employers and users who have been envisaging on hiring professional drivers within a short time of notice and at extremely affordable pricing. Drivers NG has made it further easy for employers/users/customers to hire vetted reliable professional drivers at extremely cheap rates.

This is an innovation that projects a customer/employer/user specification to thousands of vetted professional drivers on the platform.  This feature is known as the  POST A TASK or POST A JOB service.

POST A TASK can be found in a user’s dashboard,

while POST A JOB is found on the homepage.


Both serve the same purpose. The feature is a Do-It-Yourself feature that provides feedback in real-time.

With this feature, users have access to the following benefits :

a. Affordable pricing of only NGN 2,250

b. Real-time drivers Hiring and recruitment.

c. Direct dealings with professional drivers

d.Access to over 9,000 drivers on the platform

There are other options aside Do-It-Yourself Services. Kindly reach out to us via our customer care lines; 070-6248-3241 OR 081-6355-5265


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