Why we are Africa’s Choice for Top notch Transportation and Driving Management Solutions.


Everyone’s daily activities have one thing or the other to do with drivers especially when relating to movement. Either the movement of persons or goods, drivers are always involved.

Due to this, we have so many drivers, but unfortunately, just little percentage of them are professional, trained, vetted, trustworthy and reliable enough to satisfy their employers. Most employers bypass the difficulty associated with the exhausting requirement process.

Driversng is concerned about the number of drivers that are not professional, trained, vetted, trustworthy and reliable by making the job of selecting and hiring professional drivers easier for people.

Driversng is a transport-tech company, which focuses on training, verifying and outsourcing the best drivers to individuals and organizations, we engage in recruiting, vetting and training drivers to meet variety of needs that clients may have, such as; private drivers, personal drivers, sales van drivers, corporate drivers, truck drivers, drivers for Uber, etc. As a resourceful company, we visualize on using our platform to put employers through on how they can utilize the services of professionally trained and verified drivers in achieving their purpose.

Drivers from our platform are professionally trained, vetted and highly competent with excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Hiring personal drivers can have a lot of advantages, whether you are on a business trip or going on a road trip with your family or friends, or temporarily impaired due to alcohol or any medical condition, hiring a personal driver is a better idea.

Driversng helps in matching highly experienced professionals, trained and verified drivers to employers within 24 hours or even on demand. You can even view, choose and book professional drivers by web or app. Our solution avails trained, verified and ready drivers to drive your cars, vans, buses, trucks or SUVs on full time or short time basis for your Hospitals, Companies, Private Use, Schools, Churches, Wedding Events, Cars on Ubers and what have you.

Full-time drivers: Engage smart drivers and transport on-demand. Get a professionally trained full-time driver within 24 hours or less.

Uber drivers: Engage verified drivers for your uber cars. Get properly background & security checked professional drivers within 24 hours.

Truck drivers: Transport companies can engage verified drivers from Driversng for their trucks. Get properly background & security checked professional drivers within 24 hours.

Drivers for Executives: Engage verified drivers for your executive cars, limo service. Get properly background & security checked professional drivers within 24 hours.

Short term drivers: Engage smart drivers and transport on-demand. Get a professionally trained short time driver within 24 hours or less.

Riders: Engage verified drivers or riders for your motorcycles, bicycles, tricycles or Power bikes.

Benefits of getting vetted drivers from Driversng


As a result of extensive chauffeur training as well as continuous experience with several different vehicles, a chauffeur driver has excellent driving skills. This means an in-depth understanding of how to operate each vehicle in order to ensure maximum safety and comfort for passengers.

A corporate chauffeur or private driver has knowledge of the best routes, especially when it comes to avoiding traffic or roadworks which adds to your clients’ comfort.


Being treated with respect and courtesy is an intrinsic part of the professionalism experienced with personal driver hiring. When you hire from Driversng you get to enjoy the added pampering of having our drivers take care to open and close your car door.  If you are arriving from or travelling to the airport, the chauffeur is there to assist with loading and unloading luggage, easing your travelling experience.


Being on time goes a long way towards easing the pressure.  This means that our driver arrives early when fetching you from the airport or a meeting, ensuring that the chauffeured vehicle is waiting at the pickup spot as soon as you are ready to go.


A personal driver understands the importance of protecting and respecting clients’ privacy.  For this reason, our drivers at Driversng keep answers strictly within the confines of your clients’ questions and conversation.

Additionally, as this is a work environment, the professional driver is at all times discreet and trustworthy, maintaining confidentiality in terms of any business details discussed in the privacy of the chauffeured car.


Chauffeur performs its prime job of driving the car and showing you the entire city. This is helpful in special situations when you do not know any place properly. This is because; with a car driving service, you will expect to save your valuable time, as you do not require searching any specific location or any accommodation service, as the driver will have a good knowledge about every important area belonging to any particular place.


A broken vehicle is a vehicle that needs to be replaced which only means one thing: More resources spent on new equipment rather than putting it towards company growth. When there is an automated ongoing “eye” on your vehicles through Driversng management, you’re more likely to become aware of vehicle issues before it becomes completely disabled.


Driversng is not just about keeping your vehicles in great working order – we ensure the people driving them are safe, as well. Poorly-maintained vehicles can endanger your drivers on the road.


A driving management system improves delivery times and reduces wait times for customers. You’ll be able to provide a more efficient and effective service to all of your clients, regardless of the operation you run. When customers are getting high-quality service, they will be more likely to stay loyal to your company and return for additional service.

Other benefit includes:

MEDICALLY FIT DRIVERS: Our drivers usually undergo periodic medical tests (which comes up every six (6) months) to ascertain their physical and mental health to ensure they are fit for the job.

INTER-STATE & INTRA-CITY DRIVERS: When in need to travel you get assigned with a professional driver to drive you inter-state & intra-city.

YOU CAN SHOP FOR DRIVERS: Not only can you just hire a driver, but you can also shop from our marketplace for drivers for any driver that meets your requirements. Hiring a driver from Driversng has lots of benefits and offers you lots of services.

OUR DRIVERS ARE UNIFORMED: Our uniform is what makes us different from others. Our drivers show up to pick you up neatly dressed.

We currently operate in these cities:



Port Harcourt










You can get all these benefits and many more from us at Driversng. You can make more enquires or your bookings here http://www.driversng.com/  or reach us on phone: 08163555265, 07062483241

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