We Recruit and Onboard Reliable Professional Drivers Daily


Becoming a professional driver just got even more interesting, fun and engaging. This is the proudest moment in a lifetime to become a professional driver.

There are a lot of people moving every day, and to ensure safety to their respective destinations, it’s always important that they make use of road transportation which is the commonest and most readily available.

The road transportation always requires the best form of professional drivers, so as to drastically reduce accident, traffic, injury or death. This is the sole reason, DriversNG took the initiative to focus on recruiting and onboarding professional drivers to its platform on a daily basis to help the society cure its high traffic rates, injury and death rates initiated from bad driving.

DriversNG focuses on training its drivers on becoming defensive sensitive drivers, google map-oriented drivers and ensures that they have good city knowledge.

Becoming a professional driver on our platform is very easy. Follow the procedures below;

a. Visit our website; click here to visit or write down www.driversng.com on your browser.

b. When you arrive at the homepage of the website, find Become A Driver

c. Sign up/ sign in, complete the form registration

d. Complete online training, take a test and pass with high grades

e. Get Instant result and complete other vital documentation

f. When Pass You get a scheduled date for your physical verification at DriversNG’s office

g. You secure access to your online dashboard after successful verification to numerous job offers and driving tasks.

Benefits of becoming a professional driver with DRIVERSNG are as follows;

a. Good salaries and wages.

b. Health cover for full-term drivers.

c. Driver-care program for drivers on the platform at extremely cheap pricing.

d. Access cards for full-term drivers.

e. Nothing like Agency fees or commissions

f. Certification at small amounts.

What is Drivers-Care; 

This is a monthly small-fee for physical refresher drivers training program and monthly health care plan for every driver on the platform. Interested participants should contact 081-4478-2002 for more enquiries

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