Warri-Itakpe Train Test Run Postponed Due To Security Challenges

Warri-Itakpe Train

The Warri-Itakpe train service has left residents so much hope since its completion. Test running of the train was already on for a week before it was suspended due to security challenges. The Nigeria Railway Corporation(NRC) said the security challenges of the system needed to be resolved.

The Coordinator of Warri-Itakpe train service, Mr. Sanni Abdulganiyu said in a telephone interview with the News Agency of Nigeria(NAN).


Abdulganiyu, an Engineer, has informed the public that the said challenges were normal which was the reason for the test run. He continued saying that it would be resolved so as to get the train running and functional. As a result, all operations have been suspended till December 10th, 2018.




Reason for Warri-Itakpe Train Suspension

According to him, this week the train originated from Agbor because there was no security in Warri and also couldn’t get to Itakpe because of the lack of security due to the location of the station.

”The operation was not too smooth. Normally, when you start a project like this, you will expect to have some problems before you can really settle down, it is like start-up challenges,” he said.

All the technical problems would be resolved as discussions were ongoing on the issue of security.

“We were supposed to have security at Warri where we originate the train from, but because there was no security at Warri, our train could not spend the night there. We originated from Agbor which was time-consuming.



“We are already discussing with security companies that can provide us security at Warri so that we can originate from Warri and we have sorted the technical problems,” he said.

According to him, the citizens expressed their joy over the completed project. He was hoping that the train service would meet the demand of the festive season because they operate once in a day for now. The train service was first started by the 1987 government in Delta state making it over 30 years till its completion.


The Warri-Itakpe train Service started on Monday, November 26. It was scheduled by NRC to originate from Ujevwu in Warri and stop in Itakpe, Kogi state.


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