Top 7 Best Car Battery Reviews


Because of the smart features and safety, AGM batteries are preferred nowadays than lead-acid batteries. Thus, in this best car battery review article, we only focus on reviewing about best-rated car batteries using AGM design. If you have any question about lead-acid batteries, leave us a comment and we will answer you in the next article. So are you ready to read the reviews of the top 7 AGM car batteries? Let’s go now!

1. Odyssey PC680 Battery | Best of the Best

Odyssey PC680 BatteryOdyssey PC680 Battery is the first name in our list. If you are looking for a best deep cycle battery, Odyssey will be a perfect choice for you. Why? Well, this battery is a good spot in RVs battery industry, being famous for its excellent efficiency. With a strong and rugged construction, this battery has a strong ability to tolerate a strong pounding regardless of the environment around it. Therefore, it can work well in many harsh conditions such as on the sea, land or snow. Besides, the design of Odyssey PC680 contains pure lead plates inside which allow the battery to resist vibration and prevent spills.

Another benefit of Odyssey PC680 making it popular is this battery has thrice lifespan and twice the power of the average AGM batteries sold in the market at present. An Odyssey PC680 can handle up to 400 cycles at 80 percentage of depth discharge. And harsh temperatures can not affect the ability of Odyssey as this battery is designed to overcome extremely hot or cold weather, enabling it to last as long as possible.
With many benefits and being sold at a reasonable price, Odyssey PC680 is worth it for you to check out!

The only problem of this battery is the tight tolerance of its cells make the battery easy to overcharging.

Things we liked: 

  • Has 2 functions: as a starting battery and a deep cycle
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Providing enough power to start RVs because of its high 750 cold cranking AMP rating
  • Hard to be damaged even if used to power a large vehicle with a lot of onboard accessories
  • Has the strong ability to prevent vibration and extreme shock

Things we didn’t like:

  • Has a high risk of overcharging
  • Terminals not included

2. XS Power D6500 Battery | Editor’s Choice

XS Power D6500 Battery


Number 2 in our best car battery reviews is XS Power D6500 Battery. So, let’s see why we choose it!

XS Power D6500 features a sealed AGM and is ideal for 3000-4000W car audio sound systems. According to its manufacturer, car owners can use the D6500 as an additional battery supplying extra power needed for aftermarket system or as a replacement for the standard battery.

Talking about the design of D6500 we want you to know that it is a leak-proof battery with no external vents, this design allows the battery to fit almost factory battery locations without any hazardous leaks.

And XS Power D6500 has plenty of power to crank even the highest performing vehicles (with the ability to put out 1070 cranking AMPS with a maximum output of 3900 AMPs). Another benefit is that D6500 can resist vibration and extreme high temperatures and is fully sealed in a reinforced ABS plastic case.

Things we liked:

  • Sealed AGM design
  • A replacement for the standard car battery or an additional battery
  • Leak-proof and non-hazardous design
  • Perfect for 3000-4000W car audio systems
  • Mount any position
  • Resists extreme shock and vibration for ultimate performance
  • 3-year manufacturer’s warranty

Things we didn’t like

  • A little pricey

3. Optima 34/78 RedTop | Editor’s Choice

Optima 34/78 RedTop Battery

Another product in our best auto battery list is Optima 34/78 RedTop. Optima 34/78 RedTop is designed to deliver the most energetic 5-second starting burst and its lifespan is twice longer than conventional lead-acid batteries (which makes it well-known as a best deep cycle battery) . Hence, it should be easy to understand that your engine will fire up immediately after you turn your car key.

What makes Optima 34/78 Red Top battery different from other competitors? Well, it is loaded with tightly coiled columns of pure lead instead of being loaded with impure lead flat sheet like conventional batteries sold in the market. This smart design ensures for unbeatable output, ultra low ohms and maximum vibration resistance.

Another outstanding feature of Optima 34/78 is that it is fully sealed, 100 percentage maintenance free. This means there will be no drop dripping from the Optima 34/78 battery when you turn it a full 180 degree. And you will get a 36-month warranty if you buy a Optima 34/78 for your vehicle. It sounds quite cool, right? If you are looking for a best car battery, buying an Optima 34/78 Red Top is such a good deal.

Things we liked:

  • Delivers the strongest 5-second starting burst
  • Completely sealed and 100% maintenance free
  • Lasts up to twice as long as conventional batteries
  • Perfect for classic cars, daily drivers, weekend racers and show cars
  • 36-month warranty Mount in any position

Things we didn’t like:

  • Not fit almost vehicles

Warning: Not good for leaving connected

Slow drain kills these batteries. The manufacturer knows this. If you keep this battery unhooked, except when you use it, it’ll work well. Best amp level I’ve ever seen, lasts forever if you leave it unhooked. But DO NOT LEAVE IT in a car for long slow drain or it will fail and it will fail faster than the cheapest battery you can buy.

4. VMAX857 AGM Battery | Best Bang for the Buck

VMAX857 AGM Battery


When talking about the best rated car batteries, we have to mention the VMAX857 AGM Battery. The outstanding features of this battery are the reason makes it famous among its users. Using a VMAX857, you can experience excellent functions like heavy duty grids, SLA and AGM technology, vibration and shock resistant and fully maintenance free. Moreover, VMAX857 is also a non-spillable and non-hazardous battery. It has dimensions L=7.7″ W=5″ H=6.1″ and it weighs only 25 pounds, thus it is extremely small and easily transportable.

VMAX857 is also a best deep cycle battery with strong capability to recover after repeated deep discharges, which makes them is a favorite selection for vehicles and small boats.

Things we liked:

  • Heavy duty VMAX grids providing better performance over a longer time
  • Compact and lightweight vs competitors
  • Easy to carry

Things we didn’t like:

  • Not to be used for cranking purposes

5. ACDelco 94RAGM Automotive Battery

 ACDelco 94RAGM Professional AGM Automotive batteryAnother battery in the list of best rated car batteries is ACDelco 94RAGm. This battery has high-density negative paste which helps to enhance overall battery life and performance. Additionally, ACDelco 94RAGM is designed with enhanced life alloys and silver calcium for improving performance and cycle life purposes.  It is also a pressure tested and sealed battery with vent caps to prevent any kind of leaks and extreme shock.

ACDelco 94RAGM is notable for about 80 AMP hours of energy and an impressive 800 cold cranking AMPS. Thus, this cool battery is ideal for every type of vehicle, from heavy trucks to sports cars. Its excellent cold cranking AMPs not only helps the battery work well in regular conditions, but also helps to turn over in harsh environment without any trouble.

Things we liked:

  • High density negative paste, helps increasing overall lifespan and performance
  • Vent caps design, avoids acid leakage
  • Calcium Lead positive grid, enables for low resistance, heightens conductivity.
  • Enhanced life alloy/ Silver calcium stamped alloy, extends cycle life and enhances performance

Things we didn’t like:

  • Do not have a capacity to operate BMW cars

6. Optima D35 YellowTop Battery

Optima D35 YellowTop battery


Number 6 in the best car battery reviews is Optima D35 YellowTop battery. If you are looking for a small car battery with excellent performance, Optima D35 YellowTop is a good fit for you. This battery is designed to provide deep-cycling capability and extra performance to meet your vehicle needs if your car has a lot of extra accessories. The unique design of the Optima D35 YellowTop gives users a clean and strong power source, making sure the safety for you, your family and the environment.

Optima D35 YellowTop battery is also a good product for seasonal use as it has a very low self-discharge rate, allowing you to store your car all winter time without any trouble.

Things we liked:

  • Compact and portable battery which is ideal for smaller car and boats
  • Powerful enough to start a small or mid-sized outboard motor with the ability to deliver 650 cold cranking AMPs
  • Has durable and thick plastic exterior and AGM technology, thus it has an excellent vibration resistance (15 times the average level of vibration resistance compared to other competitors).
  • Reserve capacity of 98 minutes

Things we didn’t like:

  • High risk of overcharging and damaging due to AGM technology

 7. DieHard 38217 Advanced Gold AGM Battery

DieHard 38217 AGM BatteryLast but not least in the list of top rated car batteries is DieHard 38217. The battery is ideal for the F150 range. It is designed with AGM plus to scale up its lifespan (up to twice the lifespan of a normal lead-acid battery – which make the DieHard 38217 become a best deep cycle battery to purchase).

DieHard 38217 is recommended for vehicles with heavy loading capacity and a complex mechanism because of its ability to deliver and maintain sufficient charge. Cold climate is not a factor affecting the way DieHard works because the battery has its huge 850 CCA ratings separate it from traditional heavy duty batteries.

Additionally, the AGM design helps to maintain its sustainability even in harsh conditions and to protect it from any kind of leaks.

Things we liked:

  • Up to 2 times lifespan of a traditional flooded battery
  • Designed with electrolyte suspension, safeguards internal components
  • Huge cranking power, works well in harsh weather
  • Smart design, avoids any kind of leaks
  • High temperature sustainability at high temperatures

Things we didn’t like:

  • The size of the battery is a little bit small

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