This start up is banking on the diaspora to help plug Nigeria’s Youth Unemployment Challenges


Nigeria has a population of over 200 million and still growing. However, the statistics of unemployment keeps on increasing. As a matter of urgency, out of over 80 million Nigerian youth, more than 70% are unemployed and financially dependent. These has led a lot of young adults to a life full of poverty, crimes, and vices, driving most of them in seeking for asylum or greener pastures in the abroad, thereby taking out the brightest of human resource, talents and professionalism from Africa.

Learning How to Drive Online 

Back home, in Nigeria, the government is running out of ideas and its leadership approach has failed its citizens, leading to a hostile environment in thriving businesses that would create employment in mass. It’s also alarming, the rate at which SMEs are folding up due to the lack of access to affordable funding. These challenges have become a necessary evil, mitigating the availability of credit and mass employment creation.


However, DRIVERS AFRICA (, also known as is looking beyond these challenges and seeing innovative ways of ensuring employment are created in mass for young adults in Africa. For instance, stears business reported that “Nigerians living abroad remit (send) money to friends and family back home. According to the World Bank, in 2017, the diaspora remitted $22 billion back to Nigeria, equivalent to our total crude oil earnings. In essence, Nigeria receives as much money from its diaspora as it does from crude oil, the backbone of its economy”


Drivers NG (AFRICA) believes its solution has the capacity to empower over hundreds of thousands of Nigerians, and African young adults, empowering them, by lifting them out of poverty, crimes, social vices and stopping them from stropping out of this country and the continent with their talents and resources. It believes with the help of Nigerians and Africans in the diaspora, it could hugely achieve this feat.

However, with Africans, and mostly Nigerians in the diaspora support, Drivers Nigeria, Africa, envisages on creating 10,000 jobs monthly and empowering over 50,000 young African adults annually. This empowerment is in various phases; it plans to empower young adults with driving skills, helping them with the knowledge required and providing cost-free job placement in top employment. On the other hand, it seeks to scale up earnings that African, Nigerian drivers are entitled to annually just like what is happening in the United State of America where a personal driver earns an average of $40,000, the equivalence of NGN 14,000,000 annually.

With diaspora remittances been on the rise, it is confirmed as a booming global business. Even the World Bank estimates that global remittances grew 10% to $689 billion in 2018, with developing countries receiving $528 billion of this. Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) receives a relatively small share of this (less than $60 billion) and Nigeria accounts for over a third of all SSA remittances. Giant of Africa indeed. For countries with a large diaspora population such as Nigeria, workers’ remittances are a significant part of international capital flows and foreign exchange earnings.


Therefore, it is clear that diasporas can indirectly have a huge influence on the future of our dear nation and continent by empowering its youth population. It is popularly said that the youth are the leaders of tomorrow, but what would happen to the security, peace, development of our society if the youth are financially, socio-economically excluded? Every responsible citizen of Africa, especially Nigerians in the diaspora that believes in its redemption should consider the advantages of empowering Africa now.


Drivers NG, Africa, has created over 7800 job opportunities since inception, on-boarded over 9,000 drivers on its platform, but more jobs need to be created for more drivers to be placed in them. Its target is to generate 10,000 jobs monthly while matching 50,000 professional drivers to them annually. This would lead to the drastic reduction of social vices and crimes, promote the increase in social and economic inclusion which facilitates development in the society, swift and seamless mobility, increased productivity and cost-efficiency leading to more interest in building a successful career out of professional driving for many young African adults.

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