The pros and cons of online driving school


Cost, convenience and quality count when choosing a driving school. There is no national standard for driver education, so courses and results vary. Licensing and education requirements differ from state to state, but a good driver’s education course prepares teens to pass the state written exam and road test. If your state allows online driver education to fulfil learner’s permit or licensing requirements, weigh the pros and cons to determine whether an online or in-person driving school is right for you.

If you are planning to take an online driving school course, there are pros and cons for taking one online.

Pros of online driving school    

The main benefit of online education is convenience. You can learn in the comfort of your home or wherever you get internet. Online courses are available 24/7, allowing you to learn when it’s convenient for you. You can log into an online driving school as frequently as needed and you don’t have to spend your weekends or evenings in a classroom. This setup works best for teens with busy schedules, who may live far from in-person driving schools, or teens who would otherwise have trouble finding a ride to and from a driving school.

Online driver’s education benefits teens who work well in self-paced learning environments. Teens who can keep up with self-taught course work, who don’t need person-to-person attention from an instructor, and who don’t need a traditional classroom setting to learn may like online driving school. Online programs provide access to instructors and additional resources, such as websites and videos, to supplement the online lessons.

  • Online driving schools provide the convenience of to completing the course in the comfort of your home at a time that is convenient for you
  • It won’t be necessary to drive or find transportation to a driving school. You save money on transportation costs, avoid the stress of trying to arrive on time and trying to find a parking space. It will also save time because you won’t need to schedule travel time
  • There is no need to be concerned about your appearance. You can complete the course in comfortable clothing without concern
  • If you have small children, you won’t need to get a babysitter. You can complete it while the children are sleeping
  • You can complete the course working at your own pace, without being rushed through it
  • Taking the course online will avoid distractions you would have by taking it in person. Other students can often be annoying and disruptive or make you feel uncomfortable. You will be able to concentrate and take breaks whenever necessary
  • Online driving schools provide necessary courses for people in areas where it may be difficult, if not impossible, to attend a traffic school in person
  • Online driving schools are often approved by the local motor vehicle department and courts, just as the traffic schools that require attendance in person

Cons of online driving school

An online driving school offers you the convenience of completing necessary traffic school courses from the comfort of home. You are also given a login ID to resume the course multiple times. In addition, some courses provide a money back guarantee if the course content doesn’t match personal requirements. Although these facts make online traffic schools highly credible, applicants often come across several difficulties when taking an online course. While these difficulties may not be regarded as disadvantages, applicants should bear these difficulties in mind before enrolling at an online school.

  • If you do not attend a driving school in person, you don’t have the advantage of interacting with the instructor and other students. Often, related subject matter or questions are brought up that will enrich lessons and make them more relevant and interesting.
  • You can’t hear the opinions and classroom discussions that occur when a group of people are attending the class together. Such discussions often enhance understanding and bring up points that would otherwise be missed. Others often bring up ideas that lead to more thought on a subject.
  • You don’t have the advantage of being able to ask questions directly to the instructor if you needed further explanation or if you don’t understand a lesson completely.
  • If you are not a self-directed learner, you may have difficulty taking a course that requires independent learning. Some people need the classroom environment for motivation and better understanding, rather than working alone.
  • When a driving school is located in your area, the instructor is familiar with local traffic situations and can make the lessons and discussions relevant to local driving and safety.

An online driving school may seem advantageous for you, but it is important to consider both the pros and the cons of completing such a course. Your driving safety is of paramount importance and should not be taken lightly. If your learning style is more successful in person, this should be a serious consideration when making your final choice.

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  1. it’s true that online driving schools provide convenience and I like how you represented its pros and cons. My brother is starting to look for driving classes because he is about to get his driver’s licenses. I let him read your article for future reference. I hope he finds the best driving school for him.

  2. I loved that you mentioned that with online driving school you will not need to find a ride or transportation to attend the classes, and you can save money and some stress. My youngest sister recently was told that she needs to make sure she goes to driving school, so we are looking at what options would be best for her. I really hope we are able to find something that she can do online so she can do it form the comfort of her apartment, as you also explained.

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