The Driving Job (Series Story)

graduate driving jobs
graduate driving jobs

Today made it exactly 3 years since Raymond Johnson graduated. Raymond used to be among the top brilliant students in the department of civil engineering where he graduated with a Second Class Upper. After his National Youth Service Corp he was very hopeful about his future. If anyone had told him that after 3 years, he would still be feeding from his mother’s pot, he would have casted and binded and even repeated a hundred ‘back to senders’. But here he was, at 27, still jobless. It had become so belittling that he could not utter a word in his parents house without being reminded that he was a liability to them.

As he sat in his parent’s sitting room, ruminating about his life, he uninterestedly opened his facebook page, a job advert caught his attention.. The caption of the advert read “DRIVERS NEEDED”.The advert also included a website where the CV’s of interested applicants will be submitted. Raymond decided to open the website, not because he wanted to apply for the post but simply out of curiosity……

About a month ago, Raymond had heard how fraudsters place enticing job adverts online and go ahead to extort and defraud unsuspecting young men and women who were desperate for a job. Besides, Raymond wouldn’t stoop so low to apply for a driving Job, that was just beneath him. As he read through the job requirements, he laughed long and hard until tears began to flow from his eyes.. . WHAT MADE RAYMOND LAUGH? WATCH OUT FOR PART 2


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