Step right up to the new Mercedes-Benz GLA.


Quite literally, in fact. Now available in Singapore, the new Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class now proudly stands at 1,611mm tall (100mm taller than the preceding model), delivering a higher and more SUV-like seating position.

Strong shoulder line and newfound height elevate the GLA’s design into a more SUV-like form

The newfound height also delivers more headroom in the first row, while legroom at the rear has also grown, despite the new car being 150mm shorter (lengthwise that is). The driver and front passenger are also now seated 97mm higher than before.

Mercedes claims all-round visibility has also been improved compared to the preceding model partly thanks to optimised roof pillar cross-sections, which obscure less of the surroundings.

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A 40:20:40 split-folding rear seat adds to the GLA’s suite of practical features. Singapore-bound models also get an adjustable rear-seat as standard equipment, which allows the backrest to be set to seven different angles, and for the rear seats themselves to be moved fore-and-aft by up to 140mm for greater flexibility between boot and rear-passenger space.

Legroom at the rear has also grown, despite the new car shrinking 150mm lengthwise

The new car has been redesigned to reflect its more SUV-like character. Protective cladding covers the car all around, while short front and rear overhangs lend the car a stout silhouette.

Powerdomes in the bonnet couple with wheels up to 20 inches in size, which are mounted flush with the outer edge of the body to further reinforce the self-assured appearance of the new GLA.

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The side and rear views meanwhile are now characterised by the muscular shoulders of the vehicle, while the taillights of the new GLA are now two-piece items, allowing for a larger opening to the boot.

Two 10.25-inch screens feature in the interior, while all-round visibility has also been improved thanks to optimised pillar cross-sections

In the cabin, local cars get the twin 10.25-inch displays as seen in other Mercedes compact models. The Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX) system continues to feature, with intelligent voice control with natural speech recognition, and can be summoned with a simple “Hey Mercedes”.

The Mercedes-Benz GLA will be sold in Singapore with a 161bhp 1.33-litre four-cylinder turbocharged engine mated to a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission. Peak torque from the engine is 250Nm and is delivered from as low as 1,620rpm. The zero to 100km/h sprint is completed in 8.7 seconds with this engine.

The new GLA will come with the latest functions of the Mercedes-Benz Driving Assistance Package, which include Evasive Steering Assist, Active Lane Keeping Assist, Active Blind Spot Assist, and Active Brake Assist with turning manoeuvre and cross-traffic function.

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