Seven Must Have Items in Your Car


Here are seven must have items in your car in case of an emergency or accident. Ever imagined yourself moving on an express way and you hear a loud bang bringing your car to a halt? Yes, you guessed right! One of your car tyres just got punctured.

Even worse, have you ever imagined being in this situation and not having a spare tyre in your car?


Arik Air: “There will be flight disruptions”


Here are seven must haves in your car as a driver or car owner in the case of an emergency;
1. Seat belt cutter and window breaker

No one really expects the worse but we all know we need to plan for bad occurrences while you pray for safety to your destination. In case there’s a fire, a window breaker would definitely come in handy for an easy escape if the doors have been shut down.


2. Maps, yes the paper kind.
Lol maybe Google maps if you have internet connection on the go. But in areas where you don’t, you’d need a paper map if you’re on a long trip and you have no clue where you’re going.


3. Spare tyre
A spare tyre should always be in the grove compartment of your car which should be in good condition all the time as well. A tyre jack and tyre iron are needed as well else the spare tyre would be useless.


4. Your car’s manual

A lot of Nigerian folks have cars they know little or nothing about. On purchase of your car, always keep the manual within your reach!


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5. Your own driver’s license

This should have been number one on our list especially for the fact that some officers ask for it at every slightest opportunity. Whether you’re on a trip within your local city or between states in your country, you should ensure you always keep a copy of YOUR OWN Driver’s License in your vehicle. Don’t get caught without it. You’d save yourself from unnecessary fine and time wastage.


6. Safety tools
Examples include a fire extinguisher and a first aid kit/box to reduce damages and pain when injuries are sustained during an accident, pending the time the injured would be carried to the hospital.


7. USB Mobile device charger
Most times, all you need is to power your dead phone to call a friend or a colleague for an appointment. A mobile device charger comes in very handy here so you don’t lose a job or miss a meeting. It could literally save your life, trust me!


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