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Cell phone use has become part of the culture we live in, but no phone call or text is worth a life. Using a cell phone while driving – hands-free or handheld – is a dangerous activity. You can miss seeing up to 50 percent of the roadway environment when you are driving and talking on a cell phone. The following are steps to take to help break the habit of using a cell phone while driving:

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Schedule calls for times when you are not driving.

Let people know not to call you when you are driving.

Plan your day in advance so you won’t need to make a call while commuting.

Change your voicemail to a message stating that if you didn’t answer, you are either busy or driving and will call back.

If a ringing phone is too tempting, silence your phone before you drive, or place it in the trunk or glove box.

Consider using call-blocking technology when driving.

Remember that hands-free devices do not make you safer, as they do not reduce cognitive distraction in the brain.

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