Routes Lagos State Government Should Quickly Look Into

Crime happens most times on bad routes and these routes convey high frequency of people moving through it during peak periods and rush hours respectively. Lagos faces these challenges, and hoodlums take advantage of the whole situation.

The other effect of these bad routes are already known to every Lagosian, traffic congestion. However, going into traffic congestion would be building up a whole story for another write-up. Beyond traffic congestion lies a lot of danger for commuters and vehicle owners.

Many Innocent people fall victims, while some could lose their lives in that process. DriversNigeria highlights the most dangerous roads in Lagos to help you stay safe.

1. Isheri-Igando-Iyana Iba Route

The Isheri-Igando-Iyana Iba road is one of the most dangerous roads in Lagos. The road becomes deserted at some hours. At such times, moving along all by yourself puts you in harm’s way. There have been cases of ‘one chance’ activities in the area. Hoodlums residing in the neighbourhood are reported to unleash terror on people especially those caught in isolated places. You will be doing yourself a lot of good by not moving at ungodly hours.

2. Ojo-Festac-Agbara Route

The Ojo-Festac-Agbara road connects to the Iyana Iba area of the state. Hoodlums do no spare motorists and pedestrians who ply the road at odd hours. They seize every opportunity to intimidate and rob people who appear defenceless. It is advisable to pass that area in broad daylight to avoid stories that touch. Cases of phones being snatched by area boys are rampant.

3. Mowe-Berger Route

This is another dangerous road in Lagos that deserves a mention. In the day, the road is lively with Lagosians going about their daily businesses. But at night, suspected criminals come out of their hiding and look for victims to attack. People have reportedly been robbed and physically assaulted just because they were found in that area at certain hours.

4. Oshodi-IlasaMaja-Cele Route

The Oshodi-IlasaMaja-Cele is a busy axis of the state. People going to Oshodi to board buses to other parts of the city often ply that route. During the day, it is harmless as hoodlums tend to comport themselves. But the same cannot be said at night when most people have retired to their homes. If you run into area boys, they might not be gentle with you. Besides robbing you, they might hurt you in the process.

5. Tincan-Ijora Route

This road is often filled with different sizes of tankers. Some of these drivers hit the road under the influence of alcohol. In that state, they are not fully in control of their actions. It is common to see drivers driving at high speed in the area, and this often leads to collisions. Innocent Nigerians suffer the consequences sometimes as they get run over by vehicles. Some of the tankers do not have belts, hence, causing more havoc in a crash.

6. Ojuelegba Route

The Ojuelegba road makes the list because of the number of tankers plying it. Similar to Tin can, some of these tankers are not belted. As a result of this, they are prone to collisions which often lead to loss of lives and properties.

7. New Garage-First Gate – Odogunyan Road

This is another road that should be passed with great caution. It was reported that a tanker climbing the sloppy road once lost control, and crushed a pregnant woman driving behind it.

8. Charly Boy- Gbagada

The Charly Boy- Gbagada road is an expressway connecting to the Third Mainland Bridge. Motorists going from the Mainland to the Island and vice versa often ply this road. Crossing this road without using the pedestrian bridge is very dangerous as you could get hit by vehicles moving on high speed. A number of people have fallen victim to this, and some of them were not lucky enough to survive it.

9. Apapa

The Apapa road is on this list because of the heavy trucks that litter the road. The gridlock in the area has made it even worse. Just recently, a container fell off its truck and landed on cars beside it in traffic. It crushed both the victims and their cars, creating a gory sight. Although the government is working to restore normalcy in the area, the road is still not cleared yet. If you happen to ply that toad, you should be very careful of the trucks beside you. If possible, do not be directly beside any trucks. Give them space to move ahead.


credit: Naijaauto

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