Popular cheap clothing Markets We Can Drive You to In Nigeria


ABA a town located in Abia state, southeastern Nigeria is one of the major the hub of commercial activities. There is no fashion accessory that cannot be replicated in aba, it has five major markets where you can shop at an affordable rate. Popularly known Enyimba city, Aba is Nigeria’s Japan.

1. Ariaria international market, Aba

Ariaria international market is the biggest market in aba, there is almost nothing you can’t find here. It is divided into many segments according to products; it is a crowded market where you can purchase any clothing item of your choice at very cheap rates.

2. Newmarket Ngwa Road, Aba

Newmarket Ngwa road, though not as large as ariaria is also a reputable market noted for large sales of second-hand clothing. Here you can get second-hand clothes for as low as a hundred naira.

3. Cemetery market, Aba

Cemetery market is the importers market in aba, here you will find so many imported items at cheap rates including clothes.

4. Ekeoha market, Aba

Ekeoha market also called shopping centre and is one of the biggest clothing markets in Africa. There is no fabric or textile you will not find in this market.

5. Nsulu market, Aba

Nsulu market also offers textile and cotton fabric at affordable rates, there lots of tailors around this market who make and design clothes for people as they purchase their fabrics.

6. School road mini-market, Aba

School road mini-market popularly referred to as small but mighty by indigenes is a small market preferable for the buying and selling of quality fairly used items of clothing otherwise known as okrika.

ONITSHA a city in Anambra state, southeastern Nigeria is also a commercial nerve centre and home one of the biggest markets in West Africa and the biggest market in Nigeria.

7. Onitsha main market

The Onitsha main market which patronised by foreign traders is indisputably one of Africa’s commercial powerhouses.

If you are in search of good clothing for personal use or for commercial purposes, you will get well-tailored suits, read made dresses, shirts, skirts, trousers and every other form of clothing at extremely cheap prices.

It is the ultimate market for people who trade on read-ymade clothes as a means of livelihood.

ABUJA Nigeria’s capital city, located in the north also has several markets where one can purchase clothes cheaply:

8. Garki market, Abuja

A visit to this market will leave you overwhelmed at the beautiful and superb quality of clothing you will find. Both fairly used and readymade clothes are available here for purchase.

9. Karimu market, Abuja

Karimu market is another market in Abuja where the sale of fairly used clothes abounds.

10. Wuse market, Abuja

Wuse market located at wuse is a large market that offers a variety of goods, here will find locally made wrappers, read made wears and lots of fairly used clothes that will leave you in awe.

11. Nyanya market, Abuja

I think this is the cheapest clothing market in Abuja. All kinds of clothes, bedsheets, underwears, duvet are available at the lowest possible rates in this market.

LAGOS a southwestern state in Nigeria has an overwhelming population whose demands must be met. Here are about five clothing markets in Lagos:

12. Balogun market, Lagos

Balogun market fondly called Eko is the hub of textile and fabric in Lagos. Here you can get beautiful readymade dresses, laces and wrappers, as well as fairly used clothes. It is a large market that offers the best of affordable clothing in Nigeria.

13. Oshodi market, Lagos

Oshodi market, located in oshodi is the best market for Ankara materials, the display of beautiful materials here will leave you speechless coupled with the fact that these materials are too cheap and durable.

14. Aswanin market, Lagos

Aswanin market located in isolo also attends to the clothing needs of the teeming Lagos population. You get the best of fabrics here at fair prices here mostly on Tuesdays.

15. Katangua market

Katangua market popularly called bend down market is located at abule egba is best known for second-hand wears. New consignments arrive here on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. The clothes are priced according to their grades.

16. Tejuosho and yaba market

Tejuosho and yaba market: these are two different markets that are closely intertwined there are also great second-hand clothes here at fair prices. Among the variety of clothing displayed here are a beautiful pair of jeans.

PORT HARCOURT is a south Nigerian state, a city that booms with so much economic activity, with a population that is akin to that of Lagos.

17. Oil mill market, Port Harcourt

Oil mill market is the most popular market in the city of Port Harcourt, located close to eleme junction, it has Wednesday as its market days. The prices of goods here will woo you, you can get your favourite piece of clothing at a little cost in this market.

18. Choba market, Port Harcourt

Choba market, located close to the University of Port Harcourt is another market where clothes are sold at a subsidized rate because of the proximity of the school.

19. Mile 1 and 3 market

Mile 1 and 3 markets these markets though separated by a mile are considered one. Almost every petty trader in Port Harcourt buys goods at wholesale prices from here.


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