Our Customers are Gold and Precious To Us

Driving in lagos laws
Driving in lagos laws

Customers are the main reason every organization or enterprise would want to run. Customers have a lot of needs.Most of the needs are urgent and painstaking, that is why they sought after available enterprises or organizations or even individuals that have shown capacity and understands how to fix their needs.

However, enterprises and organizations that has structured their products and services to identify real problems to solve have done customers a lot of help and Drivers Ng is one of those African transport technological company that has identified real problems in the drivers space and transport sector starting with Nigeria and have tried to position itself in the best way to learn from various customers in providing lasting solutions to the problems on ground.

The year 2017 has been very productive. Customers have played a vital role in the way we offer our solution in the service we offer to them. For instance, Drivers Ng focuses on offering solution to the existing problems on ground, that causes users pain, fear and insecurity. These problems are unprofessionalism of drivers, stress of accessing experienced drivers on demand within user’s axis (proximity) and painstaking process in verifying the identity of a driver (insecurity). Drivers Ng has achieved all these, by ensuring that all drivers on its platform has being professionally trained, verified, connected and posted to users within their axis making both the user and drivers have good accessibility to each others availability.

However, our customers have played a vital role by understanding the solution we were offering and introducing in the service we have proposed to offer. Many users and customers at first perceived the solution to be foreign but appreciated and acknowledged Drivers Ng for its effort in offering ondemand verified, reliable and professionally trained drivers and transport when they discovered how effective our methods and solutions has worked for them. Again, we must give the credits and kudos to our customers and users who have constantly given constructive feedbacks to ensure we discover other problems that might exist apart from what we have pursued as the overall problem facing this industry and also help the company address its own operations in administering it solutions more effectively in the service to customers.

Driving in lagos laws
Driving in lagos laws

But we discovered that the customers and users were right indeed, they have helped us to discover even more problems we need to help them quickly rectify, although these problems were exposed due to the overall solution objectives we offered via our service proposition in service to them. We discovered a large chunk of the other developing problems are related to the use of drivers. This includes over-use of driver’s services, inclusion of other services to driver’s roles, changing driver’s roles to something else, boycotting company’s objective for driver’s provision, harsh working environment, wrongly approaching the use of a driver’s services, et al. From our own end, users and customers have made serious feedbacks that has made the Drivers Ng Team look again from the drawing-board, on how to make our processes more swift, quicker and sharper. As Users and customers has made us realised and discovered that a large chunk of the other developing problems are relating to our processes needing to be more detailed. All they want is that even if we are offering a spectacular solution to their problems and needs, we have to be extremely and deeply detailed.

These discoveries has been our greatest assets because all has been worked upon which has led to a release of an upgraded and better version of our service, which takes into consideration of all these lapses in other to give customer a better experience and also improve the company’s operation towards service delivery. We welcome our esteemed and probable customers to 2018.We are always committed to providing on-demand smart drivers and transport. We promise to continue to serve and drive you in safety, comfort and convenience. Hire or Book Drivers or Transport Ondemand at www.driversng.com.


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