Did I really pique your curiosity? I am pretty sure I did. I guess you might be wondering what exactly I am about to expose that most people don’t know about right?

What if I told you that no current relative of the president searches for a job, I guess you would say “I knew that already” right?

But what exactly is the secret I am about to unload right now? To be frank with you, what I am about to type is a secret because everyone seems to know about it, but only a few people use it.

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Do you know that among the large number of people that come to attend an interview, that most times a candidate has already been decided even before the interview?

I guess you already know where I am heading to, and the secret is;

Recommendation (popularly known as Connection) is the fastest way to get a job Unopposed

Knowing it isn’t the secret, it is definitely the application that becomes the secret.

How can you be able to get across that single person that would rewrite your story? Several times I have tried to give hints about it, but I would explain in details here. The secrets applications are;

Create an Aura of Value around yourself.

What if you discover that the person behind this write-up is just a market seller, would you take any of my posts serious again? That is the power of value. You see, someone can easily contact me now and say, can I employ you as a copywriter in my company?

I don’t need a whole lot of interviews to land the job since I already know the man at the top – so I am coming in unopposed. Let me repeat, you can never get something tangible by applying the tactics of self-pity.

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I have seen a whole lot of social media posts that appeal to pity, and I tell you that only 0.1% of them end up with a positive story.

Imagine you are the CEO of a company, and you saw any of the two tweets below, who would you employ first?
“I challenge any CEO here to employ me as his sales manager and see if I would turn around profit within 3 months”


“I am a first class graduate, and I am looking for a job to help feed my family”

Your guess is as good as mine – for any profit-oriented CEO.

you need to adopt the fake lifestyle model for yourself to challenge the employer.

Networking brings Connections

You really wanna create a powerful network with influential people? Then get off major social media and focus more on offline networking.

Join societies, groups, attend occasions and interact with great minds. That is how you get to meet people who can recommend you to bigger things.

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There are several places, but I suggest you connect to the “Chamber of Commerce”, they will be sending you detailed updates about several conferences and Seminars within the Lagos metropolis.

Create a Professional Value around yourself

Have you thought about owning a business card even as a graduate without a job? As long as you have a valuable skill, there is always a name to attach to your Business Card.

I have written Some Top Skills That would Give you a Job FAST (on the blog), and it is left for you to either get any of them or keep hoping for some sort of miracle to come your way.

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Getting connected is already a hard task than getting a job. Without connection you, you might get any job – but with the connection, you will get a quality.

Remember, the most common interview question these days is “Who sent you?” Once you give the right answer to that question, you automatically get the Job.

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