If You Are Not A Professional Driver; Don’t Take Up The Career.


Have you heard the story of the man with a single wife and four children? This man is a hardworking man, who seek everyday avenues in which he can provide for his family.

I am not sure you know the whole details. This man owns a company with active staff and two other side businesses.  Attend averagely two meetings in a day in different parts of the state he lived in. However, one day, during one of his numerous meetings in his office, he collapsed and was rushed to the hospital. His family and friends rushed down as soon as they heard the unfortunate story.

The doctor called his wife and discussed with her separately. He explained the reason behind his sudden illness. The doctor made her realized, the exhaustion resulting from driving to- fro to different locations for his business meeting is gradually taking a toll on him and he really needs to slow it down or hire a professional driver to commute him forth and back.

What is the moral of this story, if you are not trained to be a professional driver, don’t attempt to take up the career intentionally or unintentionally? Truth is, Driving can take it troll on the driver if care is not taken and proper measures put in place. That is why it is good to hire professional drivers for your different occasions or reason.

The man’s story was an unfortunate one that could have been fatal but it doesn’t have to be your own fate. Let’s walk you through reasons you should consider hiring a driver.

  1. You need to priorities what is important to you: Getting a professional driver shouldn’t be a luxury, it should be a necessity if you own a business, move around the city or travel a lot. You need to preserve your energy and strength for the right things. Get a professional driver(s) to carry the responsibility of moving around for you.
  2. You get to live longer: Imagine the story of the man shared earlier. What would have happened to his family and businesses he tried so much to protect and save? If he had gotten himself killed trying to do everything by myself. Driving is just like every other career taken up by certain people. The only thing that differentiates them from every other person who drives is the fact they undergo special training to become one, which instills into them capacity needed to survive the storm and challenges.

Hire a professional driver to stay alive longer and not die from exhaustion especially if you commute a lot in the city of Lagos.

As stated above, hiring a driver shouldn’t be luxury, it should be a necessity.

  1. You become more productive: When you don’t spend the entire day driving around, you have more time in your hands to become more productive and get more creative.

It is important to understand that as a business or company owner, having a driver is of high priorities.

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Live long but also live productively.

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