How to Use Professional and Vetted Drivers on DRIVERSNG


i. Fair judgment should be exercised when relating with drivers from our platform.

ii. Discussions with drivers should be centered on their duties to serve you better and not on personal issues.

iii. Drivers are only to be used for driving as to be stated within the scope of their job description.

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iv. All forms of assaults must be avoided, such as physical assaults, sexual assaults, etc. As a professional driver he/she is required to exercise car-care rights and drive you in safety, style and comfort.

v. Professionalism requires that the Client/Customer/Employer properly consider suggestions, contributions and advise that driver may offer concerning car care, driving you in safety and comfort.

vi. Client/Customer/Employer must ensure that either comprehensive insurance cover and or at least third party insurance cover is on the said vehicle.

vii. Client/Customer/Employer must not give out gift (in money or other means)or tips driver except if it relate to their service delivery and company must be notified about it.

viii. Client/Customer/Employer must treat driver as professionals and with respect. As we frown at maltreatment of any form.

ix. Client/Customer/Employer cannot convert the provided professional driver role (which is driving and car-care) into another use.