First Set of People to Own and Drive Vehicles in Nigeria


History is the best route in knowing where the root of a matter originates from. There have been various arguement in different quarters on the first set of persons to own and drive a car in Nigeria. For instance, when you take some time to do a bit of research on google, you find out a lot of different answers. This article shows to you people in history that were first set of persons that bought and drove vehicles in Nigeria.

According to research, it is reported that Rev. Ransome Kuti, Fela Anikulapo-Kuti’s father was not first to buy a car, as he got his a car in the 1930s, however, a man referred to Thomas Jones, also known as Tom Jones was the first man to have driven a car in Nigeria. He had bought his own car in the 1910s, about some decades ago before the Kuti’s acquired theirs.

Tom Jones was a Lagosian, who donated the first-ever public library to the Lagos state government, which at that time was still known as the Lagos Colony. The library opened in 1931, about 20 years after the death of Tom Jones, which means Tom Jones had died some few years after acquiring his car.

Interestingly, Rev. Ransome Kuti, Fela’s father who got the car; was not recorded at any time in history to have driven the car. Different reason could have spurred the reverend to purchase a car, especially also considering his wife, Funmilayo Ransome-Kuti, known as Funmilayo Anikulapo-Kuti, who was a teacher, political campaigner, women’s rights activist and traditional aristocrat in Nigeria, hence very active and deary woman could have convinced her husband on using the car around sometimes for her own operations. She was recorded as the first woman seen and announced to drive a car in the whole of the then Niger Company, known today as Nigeria.

Mrs.Funmilayo Anikulapo-Kuti made some level of impact by leaving some legacies behind such as the creation of the Ladies Club, Abeokuta Ladies Club which later became Abeokuta Women Union, got the colonial government to drop the flat-rate tax, got women into the Local Council and made the Alake, that is the king of Abeokuta abdicate the throne.

After many decades, many Nigerians have gone ahead to acquire vehicles, many have gone out to learn how to drive, and in fact,  according to the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC), more than 5 million persons learn how to drive yearly. This statistics shows how people are interested in also acquiring their own vehicles, however, the youth unemployment crisis had not made this possible making many verge for a career in driving to provide financially for themselves and family.

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