The Driving Job (Series Story) – Part 3

graduate driving jobs
graduate driving jobs

This is the part 3 of our series story, Read Part 1 here and Part 2 here.

It was a regular Friday evening and it was not strange to see Raymond, Jake and Sam at their usual hangout spot, Vicky’s bar..The three friend usually come here to relax..As they each enjoyed a cold bottle of drink with a plate of goat meat pepper soup, they began to discuss, then Sam, began to recount an experience he had with his German Boss who had recently employed him as his personal driver.. Sam was Jake’s cousin and they lived together. Sam began his story…

‘That fateful day, I had gone to my boss house to drive him to work as usual, when we got to Allison Expressway, I increased my speed a little because it was an expressway, All of a sudden, my boss screamed ‘ Sam, you are driving too fast! ‘ I immediately reduced my speed and continued driving when I heard my boss scream again ‘ Sam, you are driving too slow! I was pissed off, I just couldn’t please the man.. The other day his wife had hurled insults at me all because I played the radio in the car, can u imagine,? When I take her shopping, she would come down from the car without carrying her shopping bags, expecting me to carry the shopping bags after her, They want to turn me to their houseboy… That particular day, I just found a place to park the car, switched off the ignition, came down from the car and walked away while my boss stared at me in surprise’ . Raymond and Jake couldn’t contain their laughter, they were baffled by the effrontery displayed by Sam.

While they were still talking, Jake received a notification on his phone, it was an email from the company where he had just applied for a driving job, the email was an invitation to come for an interview the following Monday. When he informed his friend and cousin, they advised him to be careful so as not to be a victim of fraudsters. DID JAKE ATTEND THE INTERVIEW? WATCH OUT FOR PART 4