Uber is a good source of financial income and opportunity to both the company and the driver. This could be an opportunity to set your own schedule or an opportunity to help your community and lots of other benefits attached to it.

How can we help? Here’s a quick list of the most common questions about driving with Driversng, Uber and Lyft we often get from our registered drivers at Driversng.

How to change or be added to uber partner profile?

If you are looking to change partners, please have the driver fill the form at You will receive an SMS confirmation that the form was received and an SMS when the partner change is live in 7 days.

How do I change my phone number on my account?

In the driver application, go to account > profile and change your details.

How to add a bank account or credit/ debit card to the platform?

In the partner or driver application, go to account –> payment –> add bank account and credit or debit card details. The bank account will be used to deposit money from Uber into your account. It will likely take about three days to post to your account.

The credit or debit card will be used if you are in arrears to Uber due to a high volume of cash trips. The card selected for withdrawals does not need to be linked to the bank account for deposits.

What if my payment statement is incorrect?

If you believe that the fares collected are incorrect, go to your trip section of your application by clicking the menu on the left. Select the specific trip that you believe has the wrong fare. Click need help –> fare issues. The issue will be resolved and credited to your next payment statement.

What if I don’t know how to read my payment statement from the uber payment system?

Trip earnings = Total amount paid by riders on your trip – Uber commission (75% of total fares).

This includes:

Trip breakdown fare = total fares paid by riders

Breakdown surge = additional revenue earned from an increase in prices caused by a surge

Tolls = Tolls paid in special venues (e.g., malls, airports)

Uber fee = Uber commission

(+) Miscellaneous earnings earned this week from incentives and reimbursements (likely to be zero)

(-) Miscellaneous payments owed to Uber (e.g., pre-paid background check fees)

(-) Cash collected

= Net bank deposit

If the net bank deposit is positive, Uber will deposit your cash into the account on the following Thursday. If it is negative, then we will withdraw the money from the credit or debit card you have registered with us on your driver application.

How and when payment happens?

Each pay period begins on Monday at 4 am and ends on the following Monday at 3:59 am.

You will receive an email on a Monday with a link to your payment statement. You can also log in to your Partner Dashboard at and click on ‘Pay Statements’ on the left-hand side to see each weekly statement.

Your earnings are provided via direct deposit into your bank account every Thursday. If you have not yet entered your banking information so that Uber can pay you via direct deposit, you can do so securely at

How earnings are calculated?

The fare you see when you end a trip will not be the final amount you are paid for that trip, it is the total amount that is being charged to the rider. There are two things that make up this number:

Trip Fare: this is based on the time and distance of the trip, the rates can be found by selecting your city here.

Service Fee: There is an Uber Fee associated with each trip, which is applied based on a percentage of the Trip Fare. The service fee is 25% of all your trip fares. This Uber Fee goes toward the use of the Uber platform, including support, credit card processing fees, and marketing to drive additional business to you. The Uber Fee is never applied to tolls, for which you receive a direct reimbursement in full.

How to contact riders?

Select the clipboard icon on the top right

Select “contact”

Select call or message to contact the rider

How ratings work

Both the rider and driver-partner have a chance to provide a rating and feedback on each trip. After each completed trip, riders are asked to rate their experience on a scale of one to five stars. You will be asked to rate each ride on the same five start scale.

Providing two-way ratings and feedback allow us to celebrate the riders and drivers who make Uber great. This system also lets us know if the quality of service provided is consistently below Uber’s standards.

When you first begin driving, your rating may fluctuate quite a bit — don’t worry, this is normal. As you continue to take trips, your rating will stabilize.

You can view your rating on the Uber Driver app under ‘Ratings’. You can also view your rating by logging in to your Partner Dashboard.

Only completed trips are rated, so if you or a rider needs to cancel a trip this will never affect your rating.

Your rating is based on the average of ratings provided by riders over your last 500 completed trips.

Driver-partners who fall below Uber’s quality standards may receive warning messages or even have their access to the Uber Driver app discontinued.

How will I know when I’m getting a ride request? How do I accept?

When you get a trip request, your screen will flash and a sound will ping. You have 15 seconds to accept the trip request. Just press anywhere on your screen to accept.

What if the rider wants to change destinations or make multiple stops?

That’s OK! Don’t end the trip, just ask the rider to delete their previous destination in the rider app and enter the new address. You’ll still be paid for any time and distance traveled.

My rider wants me to wait. What should I do?

If a rider asks you to wait, you’re welcome to do so. Just keep the trip running. However, if you don’t want to or can’t wait, just ask the rider to request another Uber when they’re done.

What if my app isn’t working?

Download a new version of the partner app. Partners with Android models can download the google play store and. Partners with the iPhone can download the app from the IOS app store.

Now you’re updated on some of the questions we get from uber partners and drivers, how the fares are typically calculated and some other information. We hope this information has cleared up your frequently asked questions about Uber as an (or intending) uber partner and driver.

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