2019 Elections: Clergyman Says Politics is Biblical


As the 2019 elections draw closer, Nigerians have been encouraged to participate and to get involved in the business of governance and politics.

This was given at the Delta State Leadership Summit organised by Stand Out Coaching Academy(SOCA).

The summit themed, “The Leadership That Works” was in conjunction with God’s Ambassadors Ministerial Network in Asaba.


The Founder of SOCA, Pastor Esomitoje Lennie said the government controlled the developing humanity we live in. .

He went to say all hands must be in deck. He wants to them to take hold of government stating that Christians let power get into the hands of those who are unqualified.

The National Coordinator for GAMN, Dr. Henry Wawe encouraged Christians to be more involved in business. He said, “God blesses those who work”.

He charged all Christians to intercede for Nigeria’s sustainable peace ahead of the forthcoming 2019 general elections.


Other clerics including Bishop J. Tseye-Okotie, Bishop David Eyowel, Bishop Jude Akhere, Rev. Cyril Okonye, Apostle Michael Asiwe and Bishop Jonathan Arhavwarien in their good will messages and sermons called for unity beyond divides in the country. The youths were instructed to get involved in honest labour as well as the business of God.

Nigeria truly needs our prayers!!


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