Challenges you face when you hire unprofessional drivers


A lot of bad reviews have been written about companies like Taxify, Uber and Lyft. Users of these services write such reviews due to their experience with unprofessional drivers.

There are several cases where Taxify, Uber and Lyft have been called out on social media due to the unprofessionalism of the driver and other things. And this has a lot of effect on the image of the company.

Reviews like this have been seen online:

“I had booked my ride. After that, without my permission, the trip was cancelled by the driver and I was unnecessarily charged.” 

“I had an early flight and pre-booked a car the day before which was confirmed. Just 5 minutes before the driver was supposed to reach he cancels. Then I tried for another 3 times and each time again they first confirmed then cancelled within a minute! This is an absolutely terrible service and unprofessional. I usually trust uber but now at this last minute when I’m at the door of the hotel and without a car to take me to the airport, I’m completely screwed at it is 3:30 am!! You shouldn’t put customers in such a position. If you can’t do it just don’t do it! Done screw with people like this!”

“Terrible service when trying to book Uber from the airport.  After 4 cancellations by Uber driver, booked with local cab company that provides a great service.
Uber is going to dumps with drivers choosing only long-distance trips”

“Honestly sometimes uber is great. But when I do uber express sometimes it makes me walk place that has no sidewalks, no crosswalks, which is really not safe. Some drivers will come to you and some won’t. I’ve had drivers cancel because I won’t cross where there’s not a crosswalk on a busy street.”

Bad reports like these would be reduced drastically if companies like Taxify, Uber and Lyft hire their drivers from reliable and trusted driving management company like Driversng. Drivers from our platform are professionally trained, vetted and highly competent with excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

Driversng is Africa’s choice for top-notch transportation and driving management solutions. This is because we are a transport-tech company that focuses on training, verifying and outsourcing the best drivers to individuals and organizations.

We help in matching highly experienced professionals, trained and verified drivers to individual or organizations who need their service within 24 hours or even on demand. At Driversng one of our numerous services includes a marketplace for drivers where subscribed users get through the list of our professional drivers and get to hire for their enterprise and corporate use only.

This arm is one arm of Driversng that is basically designed for corporate organization and enterprises such as Taxify, Uber and Lyft is a marketplace for drivers. A marketplace for drivers is a hub designed to match enterprises/corporate organization such as business owners, private individuals, HRs and trained professional verified drivers together.

This system works for card users only who are enterprises or corporate individuals interested in hiring the services of experienced, vetted and verified professional drivers for their transport needs. The users and drivers on this platform possess the power to negotiate and come to an agreement/MOU.

On this platform, Driversng is not responsible for managerial (salary payment, contract agreement, driver’s welfare, and replacement) roles, the user is solely responsible to handle all of this by continual subscription and subscription for this service is extremely affordable it is NGN 2000 per booking. The user can subscribe to hourly, daily, monthly or yearly plans. A user can also get rollovers if subscription plans are not exhausted.

Registered users on this platform can build their own database of professional drivers, they can post job shifts or task for a response from drivers in the market place at no cost. Also, the user if they wish can place a request for a Driversng uniform for drivers, documentation of verification for guarantors and referees which comes at an additional cost to be charged to the card.

Benefits of getting vetted drivers from Driversng


Our driver arrives early when fetching you from the airport or a meeting, ensuring that there is no delay. When companies like Uber get drivers from us, there will be a high reduction in complaints that have to do with delayed pickup from users.


Our drivers at Driversng keep things confidential between them and the user and they also respect the privacy of the user.


Spending hours in a bottleneck, exchanging a few “pleasant” words with other car owners or pedestrians who don’t know about the existence of the Road Code can be tiring, but hiring a private driver helps you forget about the risks and stress you may face on the road. Just make yourself comfortable in your back seat and enjoy the drive.


Stories of theft, kidnap, unknown routes will be reduced when companies like Taxify, Uber and Lyft get their drivers from us because our drivers are thoroughly screened.


With our thorough process, companies like Taxify, Uber and Lyft won’t have a problem getting the best experienced, vetted and verified professional drivers when they hire drivers from us.

If you’ve been attempting to own ride services like Taxify, Uber or Lyft then you should hire our service at Driversng. If you’re looking to improve your current performance as a company, contact us for your complimentary analysis. Our experts are here to make recommendations based on your unique situation.

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