Benefits of Hiring a Personal Driver for Elderly Loved Ones


When it comes to transportation, these days we have many options. There’s taxi services, public transportation, and of course, driving yourself. But one overlooked option is that of hiring a personal driver. A personal driver was once considered something that only the rich and elite could afford, but now more and more people are discovering these advantages to hiring a personal driver.

A personal driver can be a benefit for many families and individuals for a variety of reasons. In fact, one of the very best uses for these household staff members is being a personal driver for elderly loved ones. This article will explore the various transportation options for seniors who no longer drive and provide tips about how to find highly-qualified elderly drivers to assist your loved one with appointments, social outings, and errands.

Transportation Options for Elderly People

Based on an elderly person’s age, eyesight, or other medical conditions, he or she may discontinue driving at some point. This means that they need to find alternate transportation options and perhaps rely on friends and family members for help. Some seniors are capable enough and live in a place where public transportation, such as buses and subways, makes sense. Meanwhile, paratransit options may be available in cities for eligible seniors who have mobility issues. Some local nonprofit organizations and churches provide senior ride services, but it might be most reliable and convenient to look into private car service or professional elderly drivers for consistent trips around town.

Uses for Professional Private Drivers

Professional private drivers can greatly enhance a senior’s quality of life. Not only can private drivers transport seniors to medical appointments, social outings, and errands, but they can also provide valuable assistance to help seniors safely get into and out of the car. These professionals will help seniors with bags of groceries after shopping trips, luggage for longer trips, and even run personal errands without inconveniencing a senior who isn’t feeling well enough to get out.

A personal driver for the elderly will clean off walkways and driveways to ensure they are safe for seniors to travel on to prevent falls. Another benefit of this transportation option for seniors is companionship and social time spent with a friendly and familiar driver with each ride. Many seniors struggle with isolation and depression, so hiring a personal or private driver is a great way to help seniors maintain their independence while getting out into the world more and not feeling like a burden upon friends or family members.

For seniors, this means no more waiting around in the cold or rain for a ride, putting yourself at risk on subway platforms or steep bus steps, or skipping doctor appointments just because you can’t get to the clinic on time.

Benefits you get when you hire professional private drivers

Enjoy the Ride to Your Destination

There is no question about it, by having a personal driver to drive your elderly ones, the journey to where they are going will be the most enjoyable of all the options. If you drive yourself, you must pay attention to the road. If you choose public transportation or taxi, well each of those may get you somewhere, but there is always an element of stress involved. By hiring a private driver, you can sit back, converse with other passengers and enjoy the scenery around you.

Have a Fun Evening on the Town

If you have planned for a night in town, but you are also the driver for the evening, there is added responsibility. There is parking to find. Plus, you must be mindful of drinking. With public transportation or a taxi, there’s waiting involved. With a personal driver, you can enjoy a few drinks, and when the evening winds down, the driver will be waiting outside to take you and your guests home safely.

Less Logistical Challenges

With the other options, there are more logistical challenges. Public transportation may involve transfers and walking from the bus or train station. Taxicabs aren’t always available or you may have to beat the next person to get one. Driving yourself means you must know where you are going and where to park. A personal driver picks you up at your door and delivers you to your destination, as you requested.

How to Hire a Personal Driver for Elderly Transportation

As with any household staffing member, you’ll obviously want to properly vet potential candidates to ensure the safest and best option for your loved one. At Driversng, we work with many highly qualified, compassionate, and accommodating drivers who are also highly experienced professionals, trained and verified drivers and might be a perfect fit for your loved one’s needs.

We welcome you to browse our database of driver candidates from our marketplace for drivers which is a hub designed to match drivers for your several needs and also to tell us more about the senior in your life and what type of driving arrangement he or she would benefit from.

Our parents and grandparents spent many years taking care of us, and now it is time for us to return the favor and take good care of them. If you’re looking to help your elderly loved one maintain a sense of independence and live a full life without taking on more personal responsibility than you can handle, please contact us to learn more about the benefits of a personal driver for seniors and how Driversng can help.

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