Bad driver and bad investment


Human and environmental factors influence the driving behaviour of the driver which is called traffic psychology. Countless research in traffic psychology suggests that poor driving is subjected to the carelessness of the driver or a subset of problem drivers. Even the most skilled road users are subject to loss of social awareness, intuitive biases, contradictory beliefs, and limits in cognitive capacity.

The following are the factor that contributes to a bad driver.

  • Believing we’re safer than we really are

One of the areas where people seem especially make mistake is in the judgment of relative speed: we are prone to overestimate how much time we can save by driving faster than we ought not while also underestimating minimal safe braking distance. This start from the period we’ve learned how to drive. Over time this becomes an automatic task when we learn how to predict the actions of other drivers, which can lead to the illusion that we control them.

For instance, various numbers of drivers believe that “their ability to text message while driving might be one of the characteristics that they believe makes them a unique and superior driver” or at the very least that “texting” while driving does not make them a bad driver.

  • We don’t care attitude

Most of the drivers do show I don’t care attitude to the other driver especially younger drivers. Research shows that younger drivers who score higher on personality measures of sensation-seeking and impulsiveness are more likely to behave aggressively behind the wheel. From experience, many drivers will have tailgated, blocked or otherwise bullied other people in ways we wouldn’t dream of doing in a face-to-face situation. What’s also interesting is that most of the drivers show less sensitivity to punishment, which means that simple penal measures are unlikely to deter the most careless driving style. For instances, most of the commercial bus believe that they are in charge of the road and they can do and undo.

  • Believing we can see everything happening around us

Our senses receive far more information than we can process at once, which makes brain systems of attention crucial for focusing resources on the most important events. Not everything that happens in our surrounding we can get at the same time, our brain cannot process everything at the sometime. Most of the time we fail to acknowledge the enormous amount of information we miss, which add to a false sense of security on the road.

How does it affect the business

Your driver behaviours directly have impacts on the operating costs of your business. If your driver drives safely and economically, your business will increase and deliver a better service to your customers. In other words, good drivers are good for business while bad drivers, however, increase costs and lower the performance of your business.

Ways by which bad driver can affect your business

  • Business Reputation

Your drivers can damage the reputation of your business through accidents or discourteous driving. Your reputation can also be affected in any other ways. For example, poor driving increases the amount of maintenance you must perform on vehicles in your fleet, keeping them off the road for longer. This can affect the service you provide to customers which has an impact on your business reputation. Imagine if you order for a ride from Uber or taxify and the best that the driver can give you is a bad experience with their service, will you ever order for their service again?

  • Increases Exposure to Risk

Bad drivers of yours can put your employees and other workers, customers, members of the public and even themselves to risk. The asset of the company is also at risk when it is operated by a bad driver.

Every year, fleet vehicles are involved in more accidents than any other type of vehicle. In addition, two-thirds of worker fatalities between 2003 and 2015 involved vehicles.

  • Increases Maintenance Costs

Bad drivers can increase the wear and tear on a vehicle which also increases maintenance costs. In fact, up to 75% of the unscheduled maintenance costs for your fleet are a result of poor driving.

The increase in wear and tear that is caused by the drivers can also lower the resale value of vehicles in your fleet and put the company into unnecessary spending,

  • Increases Fuel Costs

You have limited options available to reduce the cost of fuel in your business. This particularly applies if you already have fuel-efficient vehicles in your fleet. You can negotiate low rates with your fuel supplier but there is only so low they will be able to go. In other words, the best option you have to lower fuel costs is to reduce the amount of fuel you use.

If you are not a large business that can replace your vehicles regularly and negotiate the lowest fuel prices, using as little fuel as possible is even more important. In fact, you can reduce fuel costs in your business by up to 7.4% by training drivers to drive economically.

Driving economically involves maintaining a steady speed, avoiding traffic to minimize idle time, switching the vehicle off when it is not in use, slowing down, keeping the windows up when driving – particularly on high-speed roads and using cruise control.

If your business is stalling because of the driver behaviour and you need replacement contact us.

Improve the Quality of Driver for Your Business

Improving the quality of driving in your business is an ongoing process, but it will bring significant benefits.

  • Identify problem areas – telematics systems significantly help with this process.
  • Educate drivers on how to drive well including driving safely and fuel efficiently.
  • Have a process that inducts new drivers and shows them how to be a good driver.
  • Inform drivers that driving behaviour will be monitored through telematics. This will help improve driving standards over the medium and long term.
  • Proactively monitor driver behaviour through telematics to identify trends or individual driving issues you should address.
  • Carry out regular driving refresher training.

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