5 Things to Know Before You Have Sex in A Car


You shouldn’t stop at thinking wide because this helps your creativity, however, there are needs for the application of caution, as you can be thinking wide and enter into the realm of thinking wild.

Similarly, when you think about the sex topic, there are a lot of controversies around it already and relating it to cars is, even more, a wild thought.

These days, especially in Africa, there is a concept of married couples restricted in their ideology around sex, maybe, due to the moral environment, Africa has inherited from its forefathers, religion and culture where it ensures that we think in a certain way about the sex issue, it is expected we can only act in a particular manner when it comes to this topic.

However, there is no need to pretend about it, as adults and most especially as married couples, there might be times that we may think of having sex in a car, there is no need to be shy of the possibility of this idea, even though it might make us feel like children.

So before you and your partner park your car somewhere discreet to get down to business, here are five things you should know first.

  1. You Really Need To Park Someplace Super Private

While I don’t want to put a damper on your dreams to have sex in a car, you definitely want to choose a place that’s very well hidden, and, ideally, to do it at night. Why? Well, other than the possible embarrassment factor of getting caught, having sex in public is against the law. Plus, it’s not cool to potentially expose the third party to your sex life, since they can’t consent to it.

Although the laws differ from state to state, getting caught having sex in public is usually considered a misdemeanour, and can include being regarded as a lewd act or indecent exposure.

2. You Really Only Have Two Possible Options For Sex Spots In The Car

Unless you think you’re in some ridiculous ‘80s music video in which having sex on the hood of a car while doused in five gallons of Aqua-Net hairspray seems totally legit, you really only have the passenger seat and/or the back seat to have sex.

For passenger seat action, you’ll need to recline the seat a bit and hope you don’t ram your leg into the side of the door or that annoying thing that locks the seat belt in place. From here, cowgirl position, either regular or reverse, is your best bet.

For backseat action, you can lay down a bit more, but unless you’re my height (about five feet tall), then one of you will probably be straddling the other while sitting not quite upright; there’s just no space for lying down. Of course, there’s always the option of giving oral sex or digitally penetrating your partner while they sit in the driver’s seat, but when it comes to penetrative sex, trying to get it on in that seat isn’t going to be easy. In fact, the car horn will be accidentally beeped so many times that you’ll just draw attention to yourself.

3. It Might Not Be As Fun As Expected 

When you’re a teenager, everything is fun and new. This isn’t to say that having sex in a car is going to be a total drag and/or a waste of your time, but it’s going to be a different kind of fun. So definitely don’t go into it expecting to feel like you’re 17 years old all over again. In fact, if anything, once you get in that back seat and realize you can’t move like you used to, you’ll probably feel older than younger ― which is still fun! But, as I said, in a completely different way.

4. You’re Totally Going To Smell Like Sex Right Afterward

Sex has a pretty potent smell, and that smell lingers. If you don’t crack a window or air yourselves out, you’re going to stink like sex for a bit, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But depending on what you have planned after your romp in the car, it could be awkward for those who have to deal with smelling you. Just something to be mindful of.

5. Cars Are For Quickies Only

No one should go into car sex thinking it’s going to be some long, drawn-out lovemaking session that will include at least a good 40 minutes of foreplay. Cars are for quickies on your lunch break or, for those of you still living with Mom and Dad, a speedy bang before getting dropped off back home.

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