10 Must Know Driver and Car Safety Tips [Brief Guide]


Driver and Car Safety Tips

While driving a car, safety of the driver and the passengers is must.

However, modern vehicles come with many sophisticated safety measures, but there are still many things which are on the part of driver.

Here are 10 driver and car safety tips which can make your trip safe and avoid any unnecessary trouble.

Make sure the below mentioned tips before embarking on any journey.

Check Tyre Pressure

One should check his car’s tyre pressure before starting any journey.

A less filled tyre can either reduce your tyre life and can cause you trouble in between your journey.

An over filled tyre can burst due to excess pressure (generated due to heat) in between the journey. It can cause a serious damage to life and property.

Stick to your car’s service schedule

Maintaining the service schedule not only increases your car’s life but also saves you extra cost due to breakdown. It is also quiet possible that your vehicle got failed when you need it the most. Spending few dollars on vehicle service is an investment not a wastage of money.

Check the wiper blades

In a rainy season you have to frequently use your car’s windshield wipers. It is very necessary that they are in working condition. While in a journey even such a small thing matters.

Use dipper at night, while driving in city

An upper beam makes the pedestrians and driver of the other car temporarily blind. This can even cause an accident. Always use higher beam where visibility is a concern, otherwise only use dipper.

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Learn how to change spare wheel

All of us are provided with a spare tyre in our car, but how many of us knows how to change it. Knowledge of changing a car’s tyre is must. You should always have a tool set in your car. It helps in handling small breakdowns.

Always wear seat belt

No need to say that you should always wear a seat belt while driving. It a life a life jacket. Many modern cars make you remind to wear seat belt, but is is your duty to wear it. In many countries you can be even fined for not wearing seat belt.

Drive under speed limit

Do not over speed. It has been found in several researches that most of the fatal car accidents are due to over speeding. At high speeds it becomes difficult to control the vehicle and it becomes very difficult to stop the vehicle in case of accident. In many roads maximum speed boards are also placed. You should always follow these instructions related to speed. otherwise you can invite a monetary or physical trouble.

Avoid overloading

Overloading not only affects engine performance but also a serious safety concern. It increases chances of overturning, which can cause an accident. Apart from the risk of overturning, it can also be observed that it takes more time to stop a vehicle which is overloaded compared to a normal vehicle. This can cause an accident.

Do not give unwanted baths to your car

We use water to give our car a bath. It is good if it is necessary, otherwise it can cause severe rusting problems. Which can decrease life of different car parts and sometimes cause an accident. Prefer dry wipe instead. It will also help you in saving water for the planet.

Monitor engine temperature

Almost all the vehicles today come fitted with the engine temperature gauges. Any unwanted increase in engine temperature can cause to real trouble. It can seize your engine, which will stop your car (maybe in a lonely road) and also cost you heavy money for engine repair.

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